Health Wellness Revolution: Cooler Month Munchies

The days are becoming cooler, and salad and sushi lunches are no longer holding their appeal. Truth be told, you’re feeling like a hot meat pie and hot chocolate. But you really want to hold onto your healthy summer eating and the energy that resulted.

Good for you. Your body thanks you!

Here are some healthy winter lunch and snack ideas. Many can be prepared in advance, even in bulk, then popped into the oven to cook while you are having breakfast. If you are not able to warm the food at lunchtime, use an insulated container to maintain temperature, available in various shapes and sizes.

Reading this in warmer months, or like some extra lunch preparation tips? Continue reading about healthy lunch boxes here.

Kylie Bevan


Kylie Bevan is a certified Health Coach, her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and B-School complementing her earlier career in travel and finance.

Kylie’s passion is helping busy people move from ‘just surviving’ to thriving. Waking up each morning excited about what is to come. She believes life is for living, not just getting by.

Clients often come to Kylie to improve migraines, digestive issues, lack of energy or weight – and are thrilled to achieve so much more – better sleep, relationships, career, health, joy!

Kylie currently lives in Tonga with her husband, two daughters and frequent visitors to The Friendly Islands. Her home country is Australia. Her clients are worldwide. Sessions are conducted via Skype, Google Hangout and phone.

For free resources, visit

To contact Kylie, email





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